Cost Information 2023-24


Everything you need to know about cost of hockey!

U7 fee is $500. Ticket sellers get a $200 ticket seller discount that reduces the fee to $300. They are on the ice twice a week.

U9 fee is 650. Ticket sellers get a $200 ticket seller discount that reduces the fee to $450. An additional fee may be applicable for U9 travel team players later in the season. (approx $100)

U9-18 fee is $725. Ticket sellers get a $200 ticket seller discount that reduces the fee to $525.
They are on the ice three or more times a week.

U11-U18 players selected for a rep team (A, AA, AAA) pay an additional rep fee to cover costs of longer games, more officials, exclusive practice times, league scheduling fees.  Depending on the expenses of the team this can range from $200-300.


Payments can be made in installments:

First payment of $275 is due at time of registration.
Second payment of additional amount owing is due by September 20.
Rep fee (if applicable) is due by November 15.
All players must have account in good standing by November 15. 


1. Goalies in U9 and U11 and C leagues will be provided gear. If goalies have their own gear, they are eligible for a $150 annual rebate.

2. Families with three children in Blizzard don't pay a regular season registration fee for the youngest child. Register her as normal, and the rebate will be applied to your account after registration.

3. Jersey deposits ($80) are assessed to player accounts. Jerseys are returned after each season.
Players pay for items they keep:  team socks ($25-30), a re-useable name bar for the back of their jersey ($20) and a tracksuit or other Blizzard apparel if so desired.

4. All Blizzard players can benefit from the even split program discount by selling the minimum 400 tickets (per family).
More than 90 per cent of Blizzard families choose to sell tickets and the average player earns over $500 to offset fees or pay for equipment.
If a player is opting out of ticket sales, the $200 final installment for the full fee is due no later than November 15.

5. Parents can earn money to offset fees by working the Sunday ticket draws. Workers are paid $40 per draw into their player's account.
Draws are every Sunday during hockey season between Noon and 3 pm. 25 draws x $40 = $1000.

6. Several financial assistance programs are available for low income players. We can assist with your application.  You need your Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment and the receipt from your Blizzard registration. More about financial assistance here:

Our fundraising tools make hockey affordable for everyone:


A player's family sells 50 tickets weekly and one family member assists at seven ticket draws throughout the season.
Player account: Ticket earnings ($312.50) +  Worker earnings ($280.00) =  $592.50.    Player's $525 fees and $25 socks are covered.