50/50 Even Split Program


Cape Breton Blizzard Hockey is part of a fund-raising even split draw with eight partners representing more than 1,000 players in CBRM.

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Tickets are available for pick up and drop off on Sundays from Noon to 3:00 pm at Membertou.

The draw is EVERY SUNDAY at Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre.

The first draw of the season is Sunday, September 24, 2023.   There will be approximately 27 weekly draws. 
You have to have all of your tickets sold by the final draw in March and any unsold tickets turned in. 
You will be billed for tickets that are not returned as unsold. Please take only the amounts you intend to sell. 
The draw administrators don't want to print a lot of tickets that go unsold by the end of the season.

It is important that all players engage with this opportunity. It not only benefits your personal player account, at 25 cents per ticket sold, but it invests in the overall program like coach development, timekeepers, referees and year end awards and all the other development experiences that make great hockey moments for the kids.


CBMHP Policy 2023-24






1.  Pick up tickets under your player’s name.  Withdraw an amount of tickets that you estimate you will sell.  Treat the tickets like money. You are responsible for ALL of your tickets. Any unsold tickets must be turned in before the last draw of the season. Tickets are valued at $1.00.

2.  Bring the sold tickets and money to Membertou for drop off every Sunday between 12 noon and 3:00 pm before the draw.  You can make arrangements for someone else to drop off your tickets if you can’t make it.

4.  The sold tickets are attributed to your player’s account.  You will be updated throughout the season about your totals and values.

5.  Each Blizzard family must sell a minimum of 400 tickets. A player can opt out of ticket sale obligations for a $200 fee at registration. We strongly encourage families to choose the ticket sales route as it enhances the overall draw.

6. If you sell enough to cover your account balance, the remaining can be applied to next year’s registration or sport and educational related costs i.e. summer hockey camps, travel and tournament costs, new equipment, etc.

This is an exciting opportunity to invest in the future of girls hockey in CBRM.

Find your regular customer base and get selling!


House Rules of Play

*Cape Breton Minor Hockey Partners include: Sydney Steelers MHA, Cape Breton Blizzard FHA, Cape Breton County MHA, Cape Breton Lynx, Cape Breton Jets, Joneljim Cougars, Mitsubishi Rush, Membertou Jr. Miners

1. There is one 50/50 prize. The 50/50 prize value will be equal to half the 50/50 ticket sales revenue.

2. Tickets for the 50/50 raffle are priced as follows: 1 paper ticket for $1.00.

3. SMHA will administer the 50/50 draw.

4. Only SMHA and partner teams* will be distributing 50/50 tickets.

5. SMHA will collect and track all monies in a separate bank account for 50/50 revenue.

6. All unsold tickets must be returned at the end of the fundraiser.

7. A valid ticket for any draw is a ticket:
     a. issued by SMHA and partners* for the purpose of the 50/50 draw;
     b. the proper name and telephone number on the ticket written in a clear and concise manner so that it can be easily read;
     c. printed by Breton Ability or such other printer so long as one sole printer printed all the tickets; and
     d. is paid for in full.

8. One 50/50 ticket will be drawn randomly by Cape Breton Regional Police or someone not associated with SMHA and/or partner teams. Two other people will be present to witness the draw. The name and ticket number of the winning ticket holder will be posted on the SMHA and team partners Facebook page and website (http://sydney.goalline.ca & https://capebretonblizzardhockey.teamsnapsites.com).

9. If a blank ticket is drawn, another ticket will be chosen in its place. If there is no phone number or no functioning phone number, another ticket will be chosen.

10. The winner will be contacted by telephone and given instructions on how to claim his/her prize.

11. The prize draw will be held weekly at the Membertou Health and Wellness Centre, Membertou, NS, starting on September 24, 2023 and each consecutive Sunday thereafter until April 1, 2024 at 4:00pm. With the exception of two draw dates that will take place on statutory holidays, a close alternate date will be selected.

12. If a draw must be postponed due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control, the public will be notified of an alternate draw date. 

13.  The winner need not be present to claim his/her prize.

14.  There are no refunds on tickets.

 15. Cape Breton Minor Hockey Partners will comply with key protocols of the current HPO for the NS Department of Health.