Financial Assistance


There is a pathway to playing hockey for free:

1. Selling 50/50 tickets.
Cape Breton Blizzard players participate in the weekly Cape Breton Minor Hockey Partners Even-Split Draw program. 25 cents of each 50/50 ticket sold is credited to the selling player's account. Blizzard players who sell 50/50 tickets earned, on average, $500 to cover fees. Selling around 75 tickets a week covers basic registration costs. Selling about 115 tickets per week would cover regular registration and rep team fees. 

2. Working the Sunday ticket draws.
Those who work at the ticket draws on Sundays from 11:30 to 4:00 pm earn $40 each draw toward their player's account.  There are 25 or more draws in a season, creating the potential to earn as much as $1000. It does not have to be a parent. It can be a grandparent, relative or any adult 18+ can work on a player's behalf.

3. Applying for a grant to offset fees.

Players can receive funding from these organizations.  We can help you apply.

1. Kidsport grant for registration and equipment. Up to $500 per child for registration and $500 for equipment.
Apply online:
Further Info (pdf): KIDSPORT 2021
You need your 2021 Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment and proof of registration from Blizzard Hockey to apply. 

2. Jumpstart grant. Kids aged 4-18 from families in financial need can receive funding to help with registration fees and/ or equipment. Also $300 per activity to a maximum of $600 annually. To apply:

3. The Hockey Canada Foundation Assist Fund is open to applicants who meet LICO threshold (see below). $500. We can assist you with your application.

4. Grindstone Foundation grants. To be eligible for the registration and equipment grants, families must first meet specific financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Offs chart (see below).

The contact for Blizzard Hockey that you can use in applications is:
Christina Lamey, President
address: c/o Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre
95 Maillard Street, Membertou, NS, B1S 3W4 

TEAM FUNDRAISING:  Teams are also permitted to fundraise for their needs such as tournaments, team apparel, team parties, extra ice time, etc. All team fundraisers need to be approved by the Blizzard fundraising coordinator.

2021 LICO chart for CBRM: Household size, 'before tax' income of all earners:

2 persons in the home 29,316
3 persons  36,041
4 persons  43,759
5 persons  49,631
6 persons  55,976
7 persons or more  62,321