Bylaws and Constitution


Cape Breton Blizzard Female Hockey Association Mission Statement:

All actions and objectives of the Association are made on a volunteer and non-profit basis. The Association is dedicated to the instruction and advancement of female minor hockey and promoting the development and personal growth of all participants through progressive leadership, by ensuring meaningful and equal opportunities for young females to participate in the game of hockey, while providing enjoyable experiences in a safe and respectful environment.

The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

(a) grow the sport of amateur female hockey throughout the Female Cape Breton Zone and support the efforts of other FHA's and zones across the province
(b) work to ensure that girls of all ages and levels of play have a place to play hockey.
(c) build a program that is capable of producing best-in-class athletes through a strong development program.
(d) show female players the path forward for a lifelong enjoyment of hockey.
(e) develop partnerships in the community that support a 5 year growth goal of over 250 registered players by the 2025 season.

Bylaws and Constitution and Roles of Board of Directors - as amended July 7, 2021 (pdf)

2021 BY-LAWS and Constitution with APPENDIX